Behind the Scenes at Cyrus - Pack Day Friday.

06 Aug

In the distance, you can hear our thoughts while we focus so hard on packing.. Then someone will break the silence, and there will be laughing, or singing, or crazy chatter... and then it's back to the focusing so hard part..

We love to work hard for you, and to pack your goodies so that nothing gets squashed, and to try group it all together, so that when you pop your bags on the counter at home, you know exactly which bag is freezer, fridge, veggie tray...etc

There is quite a process on a Friday, and the atmosphere is always quite thick with focus! 

Packing over 50 or 60 orders can become quite like scrambled eggs. After order number 30, you have to tune your focus harder, because they all start to look the same! ha ha ha. So, we have put a special system in place, and when either one of us (Robyn or I) are feeling like scrambled eggs, we pack together to make sure it all goes it right. 

Friday for me, is THE DAY! I love to make sure all our customers get their goodies in perfect order. And grateful to those who have been patient with us as we adjust to the great demand for our Farmy Goodness! 

To packing Fridays, and to Scrambled eggs! We love both either way! 

It's a pleasure to pack your orders!


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