To Good Health

29 Jul

I know how many people shy away from this word. And I get it. Sometimes it's easier to gratify the flesh, and ignore the health bells. But, eventually , we all have to step up and chose health? 

A new season is about to start, and I am excited about stepping up my health too. First for the first time since we had our thyroidectomy, I am finally okay, and have all the complications under control that I have control enough to control. ha ha ha ha if that makes sense. But there are a few things I can do to better my health and that of my family, and the first thing is .... to walk! No jogging or cycling, or anything crazy - just a brisk walk. It gets your heart rate up, your lungs get a good work out, and you are going to feel better afterwards.. I promise! 

1 small step at a time. 


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