The order procedure is pretty simply. Order by 2pm on a Monday. Then simply select the method you would like to receive your order and whaala! 

We now deliver to all areas outside of Henley on Klip within the Gauteng region on Saturday mornings.
Collections can be done either on a Friday afternoon or Saturday during store hours.

We look forward to supplying you the best again this year in new and innovative ways!

Chris and Jen Mills

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How To place my order successfully

A simple step by step guide:

1. Click on the little guy (black symbol with head and shoulders - to the top right corner).
2.Put your email address in, and then click "request login code'.
3.A Customer code will be assigned to you and sent via email. Enter that code into the space given, and click 'Login'.
4. Then enter all your details, and click save. This will automatically be saved to your profile under the email address you used.
5. The Click on "Store", and shop away! Remember to go to "delivery options' to let us know how you would like to receive your goodies.
6. Once ready, go to your cart, and click "Make an order" below.
7. The system will then double check that all your details are correct.
8. Under 'delivery options', you only have the option to click on our address. This is correct, and we are waiting for the developers to assist us with options on check out - that's why going to the ' delivery options section while shopping will help us a lot in the interim.
9.Then Click - 'Place your order' - Please jot the total down.
10. A Screen thanking you for your order will pop up.
11. Automatically a copy of your order will be sent to your email address. If you don't receive a copy, we suggest you check your firewall, or IT restrictions, or spam folder. Kindly request a copy with our office on 072 844 7498. You will also receive a print out on delivery.

How do I use my birchers muesli?

1 pack has 3 potential breakfasts.

Soak it in either fruit juice, yogurt or a milk of your choice over night. Drizzle honey over the top and enjoy the benefits of gluten-free, low GI energy boosting breakfast. 

Cyrus Curry Spice Blend

Our Curry Blends come in two different blends. Mind and Hot.

We suggest you use 2-3 heaped teaspoons. It does also depend on your taste buds. If you prefer a stronger curry, add more. :-)

How do I cook my Cauil rice

Well, there are two ways.

First method is simply fry in your pan with a little butter for about 5 minutes.

Second method is to pop in a microwavable dish for 2 minutes. Don't add water or any seasoning before cooking. Only once you have microwaved it - season it.

Cauli Hash browns...
Add about 2 cups of your cauli rice to a bowl. Then grate 1 cup of mozzarella in. crack 1 eggie in, and then add whatever seasoning you wish. Chilli flakes, salt and pepper are my favorite. Mix all together!
Simply dollop into your pan and flatter with your spatula! Cook for about 2 min each side or until golden. Serve with avo or butter!

How do I use my kit?

It's super easy, but if you have misplaced your recipe in excitement when opening it up. Here it is:

Mix all dry ingredients with a fork.
Then add 1,5 cups of warm water, mix well with a fork.
Then cover with cling wrap and leave overnight.
Then heat your oven to 220 deg c, heat the pot or casserole pot you wish to use for 30 min in the oven. Then scrap all your dough out and put onto a block of baking paper, and simply pop in your hot pot. Put a lid on and bake for 30 min, then remove the lid and bake for 10 min. It's important to allow your bread to cool for about 15 min before serving.


Home made

Butter, infused with chunks of our wood smoked bacon and herbs from our garden. Perfect on fillet, rump, veg, crackers or hot toast. Any way you like it really... This is a recipe that has been put together by Cyrus Farm to add some pizzazz to your dishes! 

How do I use my birchers muesli?

1 pack has 3 potential breakfasts.

Soak it in either fruit juice, yogurt or a milk of your choice over night. Drizzle honey over the top and enjoy the benefits of gluten-free, low GI energy boosting breakfast. 

About Us

Full of Farmy Goodness

We believe in good old fashioned food!

We are a family owned business and love to make healthy food affordable for all. We specialize in low-carb, keto and the Whals ways of eating to assist many who suffer with either autoimmune diseases, or overall health problems. Chris and Jen have walked a long road through a total thyroidectomy. Dealing with many complications thereafter we have learnt a lot of health lessons and nutritional facts. This has become the driving force behind the authenticity of our products and enabling us to assist others who are also on this journey.

Orders close on Mondays at 2 pm each week, for collection at the Cyrus Farm Health Store (see map for details) from 3 pm - 6 pm on Fridays. You also have the option to collect your order at the Cyrus Farm Health which is open on Saturdays from 9:30 am- 2 pm. If you live in the Henley area we can deliver for free each Friday only. Deliveries outside of Henley are done every alternate Saturday for Melville, Mall of the South and Eye of Africa.

Jen is currently studying the following:
  • Intro into Natural Medicines
  • Diploma as a professional Nutritionist
  • Diploma in Vegan health & Plant food
  • KETO Health Coach
Distinctions obtained:
  • Diploma in Gut health

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